Ośrodek Wdrożeń Ekonomiczno-Organizacyjnych Promocja Sp. z o.o. (OWEOB Promocja) was established in 1987. For years it continued to be an unquestioned leader in the field of compiling, processing and publishing of information concerning prices in the building industry. These prices are published in the form of cyclical publications under the corporate SEKOCENBUD System (System of Computer Information on Prices in the Construction Industry) – as hard copies and in electronic version. They contain an abundant listing of prices and indices designated for drawing up all types of calculations, studies and analyses. A part of the information is available in the Internet on the e-SEKOCENBUD corporate price portal.

The company stands out as regards its activity and complexity of undertaken activities. Apart from information on prices in the building industry it develops and produces the SeKo PRIX and SeKo SMART computer cost estimate programmes, the SeKo WKI-Plan programme for calculating the cost estimate values of a project and SeKo Spec, a programme for the generation of technical specifications. It organises courses and training in drawing up cost estimates and conclusion of construction work contracts. It specialises in counselling on issues related to cost estimates and settlement of construction works, valorisation of contracts, construction work contract and the VAT. Experts of OWEOB Promocja devise valuations, opinions, reports and market studies related to construction materials and works.

OWEOB Promocja participates in an active way in projects that integrate companies and individuals related to drawing up cost estimates in the building industry. In the past several years it has been organising annual scientific and technical conferences in Ciechocinek and a Ranking of Costing Offices.